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The $1-$10k roadmap for creative products and services

Hands up if you've ever wanted to build meaningful income,


The other alternative is simple: imagine a world where you never truly let yourself see just what’s possible when you’re supported, resourced, and equipped - and accept that you may never see the creative results you’re hoping for.

If that doesn’t make your stomach drop, congratulations. You’re free to go.

If your stomach drops, even a little - then you’re in the right place. 
... you’ve felt like there were all the obstacles in the world stopping you from doing so. 

Yep, there’s plenty of hands going up with you!

If you were given a system that would take you from overwhelmed, confused, uncertain, and full of self-doubt…

… to equipped with the tools + process you need to make your first $10k (in the simplest way possible), would you be willing to go another round with this big ol’ dream?

You don't have to choose between two crappy options.

1. giving up on your creative dreams, or
2. pursuing them in a way that’s heartbreaking, draining, confusing, and debilitating.

In fact, if you keep forcing yourself to choose between these options, you might risk being knocked out entirely by:
Deafening silence when you release another creative project or offering to crickets
The sense that you’re missing something, and that everyone else has a secret you don’t
The belief that maybe your work just isn’t good enough, and that’s why you haven’t built a sustainable income from it (spoiler: this isn’t the truth)
Those self-doubt feelings are totally real, and you’re actually not qualified to bring this dream to life (next spoiler: even more of a lie!)
The burn-out that comes from giving something your all, only to see no consistent results
More time scrolling on Seek because maybe you’re destined to build someone else’s dream and value forever
The crippling fear that you’re an imposter in your space, and at some point, everyone’s going to find out about it
Confusion and overwhelm when you try and figure out the next right step
A growing HECS debt because surely ‘one more degree will make me qualified to offer my work’

There’s a third way forward.

In this third choice, you can make genuine money from your creative product, offering, skills and abilities not by pummeling yourself into the ground, working 20 hour days, feeling like a fraud, or earning an average of $7 an hour.

You won’t sit down to try and figure it out, only to lose hours down a Google spiral of doom.

You’ll be full of anticipation, not fear, when it comes to communicating the value of your creative offering.

You’ll experience what it’s like to earn a sustainable income doing work you truly love - because now, the work loves you back.

You’ll also find you’re far more capable, equipped, agile, and reliable than you ever believed possible. (It’s a cool feeling. One that might just change your life as you know it.)

In this third way, a clarified and simple process will give you the streamlined pathway to making your first $10,000 with focus, ease and a reward for your efforts - and then the potential to expand that into your next $10,000 again, and again, and again.

It’s not your fault you’re tired, frustrated and uncertain of how to move forward.

While it’s exciting as hell to find this new way into the future together, it’s also important that we recognise why it’s been so hard so far.

A few things that are helpful to understand before you’re ready to jump into this new, easy, kind process…
I don’t have the time or resources to really give my creative work a try.
It can be so damn hard juggling any kind of pursuit or dream alongside the very real demands of our daily lives: family, work, meals, chores, child-raising, rest, and more. You’re not alone in feeling like there’s never enough time to actually focus on the work you want to experiment with or the creative business you’d like to grow. While finding the time can be next to impossible, it’s made even harder if the time you do find is spent going down rabbit holes, around in circles, deep-diving on other creatives’ Instagram profiles you wish were your own, and searching for yet another inspirational TikTok that promises to give you a $1m secret in the next 60 seconds, so make sure you don’t scroll.

That’s why you need a streamlined process, that’s as simple as possible, that could see you change your whole damn creative life in even just two hours a week. Yep. It’s possible. Six weeks, ten hours a week? Dreamy. Six weeks, two hours a week? You’ve still got what you need to define your product/service, find the human it’ll create beautiful value for, sell it, and see those cash results - but only with a system that’s designed for you, not for future MBA accountant-ers. (God bless’ em, though, we love accountants.)
I’m a sell-out if I want to make money for my work or charge for my art.
Totally! So’s your favourite artist whose song you walked down the aisle to at your wedding. So’s the ceramicist who made your favourite mug that you start every day with. So’s the designer who made that pair of jeans you’ll wear to death because they fit just-so-right. So’s the writer whose book you’ve had to buy four times because you keep loaning it out, forcing everyone you love to read it. So’s the podcast host whose words you listen to every time you take your cool girl walk. So’s the barista across the road who’s trained for years to give you that necessary, smooth flat white just when you need it the most.

Some of the most beautiful parts of our lives are defined, created and offered by artists of all shapes and sizes. If every single one of them believed they were a sell-out for deserving fair and appropriate compensation for their time, skills, energy, training, experimentation, emotional labour, physical labour, mental labour, sunk costs, missed income, personal investments, risk-taking…. The list goes on, but it means that many of the experiences and things we love would just simply - poof! - no longer exist.

If you’ve been impacted by the work of someone in a creative field, if your life has been made better in tiny or momentous ways as a result of their offering, then you’ve got the mindset tool you need to implicitly understand that creative work is work. It has meaning. Value. Impact. And that’s a financial meaning, value, and impact.

Your work is financially valuable. By choosing to honour its value, you’re investing in yourself, your family, and every other maker who goes before you and comes after you, contributing to a cultural standard we should all desire to be on the right side of.
I’ve got to prove myself more as an (insert-your-profession-here) before anyone will be willing to pay for my stuff.
Given how uncomfortable it can be to ask people to pay us what we’re worth, as creatives, we’re quick to run to more training, more degrees, more hypotheticals, more learnings. If we can throw another course on the to-do list, we’ll become more trustworthy, right?

While some learnings are absolutely necessary to forward progression, there is no ‘arrival’ point when it comes to your creative career. In fact, some of the wisest people in the field tell us to ‘build in public’, to bias towards action, and to learn how to test, grow, and iterate, out where other people can see us.

The things you’ll learn by doing, not thinking? Priceless. By choosing to move now, with your existing skills and abilities (of which there are SO many more than you’re giving yourself credit for, guaranteed!), you’ve the ability to pull off a magic trick: to condense time, and learn in months what may otherwise take decades of slow, plodding inaction to achieve.

In short: the boat’s setting sail. Make sure you’re on it. You’ll build up the necessary callouses on the water, in motion, not watching from the shore.
There’s not enough demand for the work that I do.
It can easily feel like we’re totally alone in what it is we’re interested in, attracted to, or desiring to make - until you spend just a few minutes on the internet.

Have you ever deep-dived into Reddit? There are communities for everything. Have you seen the millions of listings on Etsy? Walked your local shopping centre and noted store after store catering to different people, different interests, different budgets, different needs?

‘There’s riches in the niches’ is a powerful way to reframe a belief that your work may be too insular to matter to someone else. And in this process, we’ll find exactly who they are and how you can thrill them with your offering together - no matter how niche!
If it was going to happen, it would’ve already happened by now.
As a creative, it’s so easy to feel like everyone else is having their moment. They’re winning the awards, receiving the grants, launching the projects, updating the portfolios.

You know those fun-house mirrors, where your appearance can suddenly be warped to be larger or smaller? That’s like what can happen in the creative industries: we see the watershed moments in others’ careers, but not the everyday grind, hustle, inaction, failure that it’s taken year-round to get to that one nice press release.

If you’re comparing your timeline to anyone else’s, it’s important to check: have you got all of the information about their journey? Even the ugly bits?

…and even if you have, why does it have any impact on your own?

It’s never too late for you to bet on yourself. You’re the best investment you could ever make, with the highest rate of compounding ROI. It’s only when you think the doors have closed that you make them so.

Time to rattle on some of those doorknobs? Let’s get into it.
I’m not smart enough to figure this out.
Everyone else knows something I don’t. They’re naturally more gifted at this. I’m foolish for thinking I could try. It’s embarrassing I’d consider backing myself in the first place

.… sound familiar?

That, my friend, is the twin siren call of self-doubt and imposter syndrome. A strange bedfellow to many of us creative adventurers, it’s designed to keep you small, safe, and secure - far, far away from any chance of growth, discovery, or opportunity.

You’ve figured out every impossible moment life has presented you with up until now. You’ve woken up on the other side of truly difficult, no-way-I-can-do-this things. You’ve faced immense fears and pressures, and you’ve lived to tell the tale.

You’re so much more capable than you realise. But you’re also not meant to do it alone, in an echo chamber where your scariest thoughts are bouncing back at you. When you realise other people feel exactly the same way, and they choose to do the thing anyway, it becomes a little dash of fuel you can pour into your own tank - before pouring it on into someone else’s when you do the same.

You’ve got all the resourcefulness you need to turn this dream into a reality. With a strategically simple process, you can focus less on what you don’t have, and more on exactly the right next simple, small, powerful step to take.
Instead of trying to wade your way through self-doubt, uncertainty, and a lack of clear direction, it’s time to make a living from your creative work the easy way.

When you follow this step-by-step process, you’ll finally:

✨ Figure out exactly what it is you’re offering

✨ Pitch your work based on its value, not on the time it takes you to create

✨ Experience the difference of a systematic approach to growing your creative income

✨ Know who you’re making work for, why, and how to communicate with them

✨ Have confidence that your product or service is repeatable, scaleable, and powerfully priced

Introducing Make A Living.

This step-by-step process will equip you with everything you need to build a creative product or service that grows from your

first $1 to your first $10,000.

In response, we’ve looked to all kinds of tools, processes, solutions, hacks, investments - but we’re often tripping over all kinds of disparate income, not sure how to combine it into the next clearest goal: forward momentum.

That's why Make A Living is about simplicity.

It’s about a one-step-at-a-time plan. The way forward has already been figured out for you. 

Your job is not to reinvent this wheel. 

It’s to bring yourself to it, put it to work, and actually make a living you can rely on.
This process has been designed in direct response to the many challenges creatives face in trying to make a sustainable living from their work.

Challenges like a clearly identified market, understanding target customers, figuring out how to price work so they’re not undercharging (and losing money!), communicating the work’s value, building in regular income streams and moving from a feast-or-famine process have all gotten in the way of letting us build meaningful, enjoyable, and honest income streams from our creative work.

What looks like progress can actually end up resulting in two steps back, one step forward.



Prepare your foundation
Understand your relationship to your creative work and ability to make a living from it, limiting beliefs keeping you from growing, how to use failure to grow, and the exact ingredients of a profitable offer that’s true to your values and capacity


Develop your product or service
Discovering why there’s so many more options than you think, assessing its viability, outlining and prototyping your offer, and identifying future opportunities for more profitability in your work


Identify your customers
The power of specificity, how to understand your customer’s needs, demographics vs psychographics for creatives, levels of customer communication, and achieving a fit with your dream customer.


Pitch, execute, and deliver
Building what you need to launch your work (and none of the complicated things you don’t), testing your product or service, pitching based on its value, securing your first customer, delivering the work, and how to pivot if things don’t go to plan.


Scale and sustain
Gather data to refine your offer, review your time, energy, and emotional investment, review your workflows, and set your forward path.
With each step packed full of plug-and-play templates, critical prompts and actionable outcomes, you’ll see dramatic progress on your offer at each step of the way.

Save time, energy and money in trying to hunt for all the pieces you need across the internet, and find exactly the tools you need to build your work, find your customers, and deliver on your value.

✓ 6+ hours of lessons

✓ 20+ plug-and-play templates 

✓ Reusable resources for every step of your income-generating journey

What if Make A Living isn’t for me?

If the above is ringing true for you, you’re a perfect fit!

If you get into the course and find it’s not the right fit for you at this point in time, our nifty 21-day refund policy will give you your money back - nothing lost.

Simply complete the deliverables and show proof of your work to date.

Course FAQs

I don’t have hours every day to invest in learning something new. Is this for me?
Yep! It’s actionable. Simple. Straightforward. If you’re short on time, this is the best way to make the most of limited capacity and see actual results from your attention.
I’m just starting out in my career. Am I ready?
Lucky you - this is what SO many of us wish we had at the very beginning. It’s an incredible time, and place, to start.

However, if you’re a decade into your creative work and it’s still not clear what you’re offering, who you offer it to, and how it’s profitable, this is an excellent framework to answer those questions once and for all in.

You may also find new opportunities for monetisation, with a large focus on thinking beyond the ‘obvious’ ways we can generate incomes from our creative work.
I’m really bad with money, should I just hire someone else to do that part for me?
We love bookkeepers and accountants. But they don’t build your business or your income for you. If you have no income, you have no money to be ‘bad’ with, so we’re here to solve that problem. (And to work on that limiting belief until it’s a thing of the past!)

Since so many creatives don’t trust their ability to earn money outside of a ‘feast or famine’ approach, we’re going to work on building consistent income streams that will revolutionise your understanding of cashflow, stability, and ease in your earnings.
I’ve spent money on courses before - how is this different?
Same! So many of them. That’s why every part of Make A Living is designed through the lens of creative work.

The challenges facing creatives when it comes to making a living are in many ways different to those faced in other industries. Courses offering this kind of support can be great, but they often miss key parts of the unique challenges creative products and services present.

This course is built by creative entrepreneurs to speak directly and simply to that intersect.
I love my day job, I don’t want to quit it! Will I get value out of this course?
We love great and rewarding day jobs! If you have any curiosity about the value of your creative work at all, or you’re looking to start a side hustle only, this can work for you.

It’ll also help you to really understand your worth as an employee and protect it for the long term, because you’ll know how capable you are and the value your work has in the marketplace.
It feels PARTICULARLY impossible for me to make a living from a creative product or service. Is this really for any kind of creative work, or just for graphic designers and photographers?
We love a challenge! This course and its process is for all forms of creative work. Some service-based work looks inherently easier - but it comes with its own challenges. Whether you’re an actor looking to build sustainable income sources that isn’t reliant on booking a partor a budding horticulturalist curious about increasing sustainability in urban courtyards through your product, this isn’t about the kind of work you do. In fact, the more niche, specific, or unusual, the more opportunity you have to use this process to really define your unique pathway into sustainable income. We also look at the integral concept of diversification.
I love my day job, I don’t want to quit it! Will I get value out of this course?
We love great and rewarding day jobs! If you have any curiosity about the value of your creative work at all, or you’re looking to start a side hustle only, this can work for you.

It’ll also help you to really understand your worth as an employee and protect it for the long term, because you’ll know how capable you are and the value your work has in the marketplace.
I really need to get my hands on some tools I can put to use quickly! What kind of tools will I get access to in Make A Living?
Templates that take you through every single step of defining your creative product or service. Marketing and communications tools. Offer viability assessors. Pricing calculators. Pitching frameworks. Client expectations management tools. Goal setting and forecasting processes. Failure tolerance accelerators. Brainstorming templates. Prototype creators. Persona generators. Launch checklists. Pitch templates. Work scope agreements. Quote generators. Growth planning blueprints. The list continues.
This course feels out of my budget. Why should I spend the resources I have on this when I could put them back into my work?
Because your biggest priority when you’re managing constrained financial resources? Invest them into tools that will help you to build bigger financial resources.

Make A Living is designed to take you from your first $0 to your first $10,000 in revenue from your creative work. The course costs 3.8% of that $10k. That’s a 2,531.58% ROI - not bad.

There’s also something magical that happens when you make a commitment to yourself that costs something. You turn up. You do the work. You persevere. And you get results.

This is for you if you’re …

✅ Willing to put in the work

✅ Hold yourself accountable

✅ Want to put this question to bed once and for all about what’s possible
✅ Need to see an actual return on your investment into your creative work

✅ Know you have something of value to offer and want to do so quickly

✅ Are unsure what you have that’s valuable to offer and want to discover it

✅ Love a good step-by-step process designed to get you from Point A to Point B

✅ You’re ready to experiment, keep an open mind, and believe that more is possible than you’ve seen to date

✅ You’re ready to get PAID!

It’s not for you if…

❌ You’re going to buy it, open it, and never look at it again - save your $$, this requires a commitment from you that’s about far more than money

❌ You’re totally comfortable where you are now, and don’t want anything about your life or work to change

❌ You’re happy to let your creative dreams go unexplored and unrealised for good

❌ You’re happy with time passing you by without change, movement, growth and momentum
Make A Living: The $1-$10k roadmap for creative products and services
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What's included:
5-step roadmap
Self-paced over 6 weeks of content
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