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Make A Living: The $1-$10,000 roadmap for creative products and services

Never made a dollar from your work before? get ready to make your first $10,000.
Hands up if you’ve ever wanted to build meaningful income from your creative work, but you’ve felt like there were all the obstacles in the world stopping you from doing so.

If you were given a system that would take you from overwhelmed, confused, uncertain, and full of self-doubt…… to equipped with the tools + process you need to make your first $10k (in the simplest way possible), would you be willing to go another round with this big ol’ dream? 

You don’t have to choose between two crappy options: giving up on your creative dreams, or pursuing them in a way that’s heartbreaking, draining, confusing, and debilitating.

Instead of trying to wade your way through self-doubt, uncertainty, and a lack of clear direction, it’s time to make a living from your creative work the easy way.

Introducing Make A Living. This step-by-step process will equip you with everything you need to build a creative product or service that grows from your first $1 to your first $10,000.


Make Your Work: 10 Steps to Create, Execute and Deliver

Without an unshakeable foundation, any creative practice risks collapsing in the dust. This course equips you to build a personalised, strategic and actionable foundation for your creative work.

No matter your field or format, this 10-step process transforms you from a sporadic genius (followed by months of abandoned projects and uncertain attempts) to a consistent creator who delivers on the work you set out to make. Every time.
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The New Project Planning Checklist

A quick-start process to setting new creative projects up for success.
Getting started on a new project can be a rush - the instinct to jump right into the deep end and get your hands dirty immediately is hard to resist when a new idea strikes.

At the same time, doing so can mean you’re skipping out on a crucial part of setting that project up for longevity (and, let’s be honest, completion - looking at you, half-written pieces in the corner).

While that initial rush is certainly a good feeling, the sense of ‘where TF do I go with this next’ is not.

This checklist is designed to make sure you’re prepared before you kick off, you know where you’re heading, and you’ve given yourself the benefit of the tools you need to make it through.

Hitting resistance is just about guaranteed at some point in your work. This tool can give you the edge you need to stay ahead of it.
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