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Make Your Work: 10 Steps to Create, Execute and Deliver

Build your habits, overcome your self-doubt and execute your vision
Access to this self-paced course is available immediately.

Without an unshakeable foundation, any creative practice

risks collapsing in the dust.

Build a process to guide yourself through the desert of ‘what happens next?’ and establish a personal toolkit that’s fuelled by clarity.

Whether you’ve been developing your craft for a decade or this is the first time you’re allowing yourself the space to explore, Make Your Work invites you to build a creative foundation that’s yours to keep for good.
This course equips you to build a personalised, strategic and actionable foundation for your creative work.

No matter your field or format, this 10-step process transforms you from a sporadic genius (followed by months of abandoned projects and uncertain attempts) to a consistent creator who delivers on the work you set out to make. Every time.

Design a regular workflow that keeps your ‘why’ at the very core of your focus, steering you back on track when it gets wobbly.


Understand what you'rE working with
Investigate your relationship to creativity and ‘inspiration’, overcoming the need to wait for it to strike by learning to draw on your creative muscles.
Design Your accountability
Learn how an accountability framework is necessary to ongoing momentum (and how to set yours in action).
Name Your 'Why'
Dig into the difference between a fluffy ‘what if’ and a clarified vision that translates into every work session, opportunity identification and product/service output.
Eliminate Ambiguity
Redefine your relationship to progress by learning how to create crystal-clear outcomes that are entrenched within project frameworks.
Set Your Goals
Build clear, actionable goals that grow your creative muscles in the midst of tension.
Bite The Elephant
Develop workflow techniques that are personalised to your habits, routines and rituals.
Defeat Self-doubt
Identify the shape self-doubt takes in your life, how it impacts your progress and how you can draw on grounded truths to continue to make your work even when it’s present.
Make the Work Non-negotiable
Change your relationship to process and progress and learn how to turn up for yourself exactly when you said you would.
Navigate the Sticky Bits
Prep a backup plan you can reach for in moments of creative frustration or confusion.
Share Your Work
Introduce your projects to the world, celebrate what you’ve achieved and get ready to do it all again!
Make Your Work is for you if...

You've been at this whole creative projects thing for a while.

If you're sick of:
Fighting for inspiration
Balancing your energy alongside other time pressures
Lacking self-direction
The voice of imposter syndrome
Letting perfectionism stop you from stepping outside of your comfort zone (and the list goes on)
then Make Your Work will reduce the hubbub, simplify the process and give you new, grounded tools to shake out and systemise your creative practice.
Make Your Work is for you if...

You're brand new to this whole 'making things' business.

Hi! If you're brand new to the world of acknowledging your creative desires, curiosities and that itch to build something that doesn't exist yet, this course can save you years of heartache and fruitless Google searches.

This process will work with you to design your creative process from the ground up and is customisable no matter the format of your work.
Make Your Work is for the...

Hustlers and late-night makers.

If you’re growing a side hustle or secondary income source through your creative projects, Make Your Work will shape a regular practice with clear goals, outcomes and processes that make the most of the hours you have available to invest in your craft.
Make Your Work is for...

Just about all of us.

There’s way too much joy that results from understanding your creative identity and saying yes to those instincts for expression.

If you’ve been too afraid to ever use the term ‘creative’ for yourself, Make Your Work will tip you over into taking up space without apology (and alongside a whole bunch of us figuring it out alongside you!).



Work through each section at your own pace, with course material shaped in a way that’s easily digestible to engage with step by step.


Put what you’ve learnt into practice with each step’s workbook. You’ll work through 15-25 pages of actions per workbook.


Look for patterns and shifts in your weekly progress through step-specific reflections that take what you’re learning from the theoretical into grounded, measurable practice.


A clarified relationship with your creativity that can be used to identify stumbling blocks, areas for further growth and a workflow that isn’t dependent on being ‘in the mood’
An accountability framework that’s internal and external + designed to set you up for consistent wins
An articulated understanding of what it is you’re building and outputting (as opposed to a fluffy, inexplicable feeling that’s difficult to gain momentum with)
Clear, actionable goals that are personalised to your capacity, your intended outcomes and your craft
A toolkit of workflow techniques to support the execution of those goals
Insight into how self-doubt impacts your work, and tools to combat it in your daily routines and rhythms
A non-negotiable relationship to your work that means you prioritise yourself, your desires and your processes (even in the midst of a hectic schedule)
A custom back-up plan you can reach for when you hit creative roadblocks
The first steps to sharing your work with the world and prepping for launch
A grounded foundation for your creative practice that will grow with you as your work expands
Make Your Work: 10 Steps to Create, Execute and Deliver
One-time payment, AUD.
What's included:
80 lessons
10 workbooks
Lifetime access
Make Your Work

Course FAQs

Do I need to commit to specific times/sessions to do this course?
Nope - this course is self-paced, designed to fit entirely into your schedule. Work through each step one by one at a pace that suits you, whether that’s 2pm or 2am.
Is this course for me if I’m a complete beginner/if I’ve been making creative work for 20 years?
Yes, and yes. Creative development, like personal development, never ends. This course is designed to meet you where you’re at in your craft and to deliver personalised outcomes based on your experience, your challenges, roadblocks and your creative ambitions. Different elements will be of greatest value to different users, but the foundational material within Make Your Work will provide outcomes to both totally fresh practitioners and well-versed makers.
How do I access the course material?
Make Your Work is delivered via a teaching platform called Thinkific. When you choose to purchase the course, you’ll be prompted to make an account. This account is your log-in for accessing the course material. Upon completion of purchase, login details will be sent directly to your inbox. (Contact us if you run into any trouble.)
Is there a refund policy?
Certainly! We want each of our users to be entirely satisfied with their purchase. We also want you to give this your best in applying the course content, actions and reflections. We offer a 30-day refund for purchases - if the course isn’t for you, simply show us your completed work (with all 10 workbooks finished) and we’ll issue you a complete refund within 30 days.
Do I only have a limited window of time to access this course?
When you purchase Make Your Work, you’ve got lifetime access. You’ll be able to re-take the course if and when suits you (whether that’s a brush-up chapter or a total second go through).