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Fuelling your creative success.

Find the essential tools and resources you need for freedom, growth, opportunity, and earnings in your creative life.
Take decisive action with our grounded courses. Want to make your first $10k through your work? Build a regular habit and overcome self-doubt? Whatever the goal, we’ve got the goods.
Curated Guides
Get the information you need, and none of the overwhelm you don’t, in our custom-fit guides.
In this space, you can learn and experiment within a strategic community where we’re all working towards the same goal: cracking the blocks that are keeping us from that next leap.
Making creative work doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Find what you need for your best work yet with stage-specific support and growth opportunities.

Recognise any of these?

Working 24/7, only to be met by silence when you release something
The sense that everyone else knows something you don’t
The belief that maybe your work simply sucks, and that’s why it’s so hard to do it
No clarity about what it is you actually need to learn/know/try anyway
So much self-doubt that you avoid the task entirely, until months pass you by without any forward movement
Imposter syndrome like crazy
Burn-out from giving it your all, only to be met with lacklustre results
The worry that making a living from your work means you’ll become a sell-out (all while watching artists and creatives you admire grow in their careers and fields)
Frustration at the dream - because sometimes, it’d be easier to admit defeat than to keep trying
If you’ve found yourself constantly Googling random questions about how to grow a creative career, how to monetise your creative product or service, how to fund your creative projects, how to publish your first novel, secure your first client, etc. etc. until it all blends together with no actual results - you’re not alone.

The thing that didn’t take place during that ‘work session’? The work itself.

If you’ve ever felt like it would be easier to just give it all up, this is the space for you.
You’re not missing a business degree, a world-class rare heaping of talent, or a unique idea so good people will be tripping over themselves to book you.

You’re lacking the simplest way forward from Point A to Point B.

That’s what we’re here to solve together.
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Who are we?

We’re creatives ourselves who have spent years in collaboration and community with all kinds of artists, makers and entrepreneurs.


Find a step-by-step process to go from your first $1 to your first $10,000 through your creative offering with Make A Living. Build a sustainable creative practice that you can return to again and again with Make Your Work. Ready to put in the effort? These courses match you with results.


Learn in tandem with your peers, collaborators and cheerleaders in the strategic Field Kit community environment. Designed with a new critical outcome every fortnight, you’ll move quickly, growing your creative muscles and finding the necessary support for reaching your goals.


Customised Field Kits for creatives that equip you across key areas of mindset, business practice, creative workflows, and more.

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Is field kit for me?

Am I in the right place?

I'm not sure I'd even call myself a creative.
Imposter syndrome and self-doubt love to keep us real small, and their first tactic is telling us we’re not even allowed to entertain the idea of what could be. Everybody is creative. Time to buckle up and fight the good fight by giving yourself space to own your instincts and explore your curiosity. (We tackle this in the Make Your Work course, so this is a good place to start!)
I don't have enough time to even start to take my creative interests seriously.
Five minutes is enough to take the first small, momentous step. In our resources and community, we'll support you as you make the most of the time you have available to you, as well as building strategies to expand it.
I've got no shortage of great ideas - but I keep starting new ones and never finish anything!
Productive procrastination is such a sneaky little thing. You’re not alone. Many of us struggle with the same challenge - it’s why our tools cover discipline, routine and planning to give you what you need to go from many A’s to planning, executing and delivering A-Z’s.
What if I suck at the thing I want to try my hand at?
The bigger risk: what if you don’t, and you never let yourself discover that? Dip your toes gently into the water with our step-by-step processes that are grounded in consistent iteration.
I've nailed the making bit - but I'm overwhelmed by how to go from hobby to market.
Oh, the irony that is 'all the things you need to know to make a dollar of your work'.

We equip you to identify blockages and opportunities, build habits, practises and systems, and grow your craft to the size you’re dreaming of.

We know how complex running any scale of business can be (down to an irregular side hustle), so our Field Kits are developed specifically to give you what you need across areas including business structures, accounting and bookkeeping, legal considerations, insurances, business model development, time and routine management, customer identification and more.

Make sure to stick around and grab whatever tool you need at your specific growth stage - you can always come back for more when you’re ready.